What is an Accessible Travel Concierge?

Many travellers are hesitant or unsure about making travel arrangements when you or someone you are travelling with has special needs.  Our first time travelling we booked through a travel agent that was not specialized and we experienced a lot of challenges.  By using an Accessible Travel Consultant, you can ensure that your vacation will be wheelchair accessible and have all the information regarding wheelchair accessibility at the destination.  Do the time constraints required to do all the research required when looking for wheelchair accessibility seem overwhelming?   Could be you don’t know where to access the information you need?  As an Accessible Travel Consultant, I am completely comfortable with the ins and outs of wheelchair accessible travelling nationally as well as internationally and do all the work for you.

As an Accessible Travel Consultant,  I do all the reservations, research and provide all the options regarding wheelchair accessible accommodations, transportation providers, medical equipment rentals and tours throughout the world.  I chose to work with only a small clientele to provide you with my full attention and very quick response time to any questions to make for a stress-free getaway.  Stop wasting countless hours with tedious research and communications and let me do all the work!!

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