Darien Lake – Buffalo, NY (July 2017)

When you think about amusement parks, I am sure accessibility is not something you associated with them.  Us either other than Disney World which is fabulous (see previous posts).  Darien Lake is about a 5 hour drive for us and we have children that really wanted to go.  I have been previously without Shawn and he wanted to be a part of the family trip this year of course.

We managed to book an accessible room with 2 twin beds and a standard room adjacent that had 2 queens.  Since there was no way all 4 of us could sleep in a room with 2 twins, we stayed in the queen room and Shawn’s support worker stayed in the twin.  Shawn didn’t mind going next door to use the accessible washroom facilities and our support worker is fabulous and had no issues with doing it this way.

Unfortunately there are no rides that allow a wheelchair user to roll on to.  We kind of figured this was the case.  There is an accessibility guide to the park to reference the accessibility of each ride but all you need to be able to transfer out of the chair.  We also planned to spend a day at the waterpark so knowing the heat would bother Shawn I rented a cabana for the day.  Best decision ever!  Just a nice spot to get out of the summer and relax.

Darien Lake hotel was decent and nothing too fancy.  The pool outside did have a lift so that was nice to see.  The grounds of both the park and the hotel were very accessible and easy for us to navigate with the chair.  It is a bit of walk though so make sure to pack an umbrella if it looks like rain or you will get soaked walking back to the hotel.

Overall a great family trip and even though Shawn was unable to participate in most activities, just having him there and be a part of the fun was amazing!