About Us


Hello, My name is Nancy Watters and I am an Accessible Travel Consultant with Accessible Getaways.

I started working a an Accessible Travel Consultant after hearing a definite need from the community regarding assistance with accessible travelling. My husband was in a motor vehicle accident that left him partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair full-time. The amount of time and effort put into planning any vacation is already extensive but then throw in an accessible vacation and it is mind blowing!

Accessible Getaways is unique in that I chose to run a small agency that focused solely on wheelchair accessible vacations.  I take on a limited clientele so that I am never too busy to give one-on-one attention to my clients and be available with any questions that may arise.   However, I am affiliated with Nexion Canada, which is the leading host agency in the country so I have access to deals and specials not available to other agencies.  

My previous experience in hospitality & travel industry, current travel blogger and an accessibility advocate is really where I can add true value to assist with accessible travel planning.  Not to mention my first hand personal experience with accessible travel!Please contact me today to get started on YOUR wheelchair accessible vacation.

Please note I am only taking Canadian Residents as clients at this time.


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