Iberostar Paraiso Beach (Mayan Riviera)

Our family visited this resort in February 2020, just prior to the pandemic landing on our doorstep. I am still in shock how little we knew about it and how likely we thought it would become an actual pandemic. I kept saying “I lived through SARS and it didn’t impact my daily life”. Little did I know that all travel would halt from this last vacation to present day for our family.

I will share what I remember about the resort on each photo posted below. It seems like a lifetime ago but we did have a fantastic time and found the resort incredibly accessible. When I say incredibly accessible, I am referring to Mexico standards. Things like an accessible shuttle around the property do not exist so be prepared to roll/walk a bit. We found it never that noticeable about how far we were going because the walk from pool/beach to the room is shaded and tropical.

We did encounter an issue at check-in with the accessible room. Even though it was confirmed and guaranteed, they did not have one for the first night. We stayed in a ground floor room the first night and then they moved our belongings late in the afternoon. It was very annoying and I get very agitated when this happens but I was determined not to let it ruin our vacation. The other major issue we had was with the return airport transportation. Instead of writing about it again, here is the link https://accessiblegetaways.com/2020/03/02/horrible-travel-experience/ to read about the absolute complete f&ck up by Air Canada Vacations. They have compensated us appropriately and I also had a discussion with the Customer Service Manager about how easily people in wheelchairs slip through the cracks. That was dealt with back in 2020.

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