NCL Escape – (February 2019)

I am not going to write about the cruise ship because I have a previous post about it.  Great ship!  However, we did stay in the Haven on the Escape so will share photos of that.  What I do want to write about is the accessibility of the hotels we stayed at and the impression of the Manhattan port.  This was the first time that we have driven to a port and not flown there.  I personally would not do it again because I found the water unstable and we had some scary swaying.  Remember that ship that almost tipped over, well that was our ship and we experienced that.  I have to say that I was very disappointed that NCL never checked on us.  We tipped enough that I rolled out of bed and had I hit my head or injured myself, Shawn would have no way to call for help.  At first I just that that they didn’t do that but I heard from many able bodied passengers that they received calls by staff to make sure everyone was alright.  I sent a message to NCL and haven’t heard any back.

Enough about that and let me share some photos from our 2 hotels stays on the way to NYC.  First stop was the Poconos.  We only stayed here to break the drive up and it was close to the Outlet Mall.  I reserved the Comfort Inn (3189 Route 940, Mount Pocono, PA) and it was probably one of the worst hotels I have ever stayed at.    I booked a room with a roll-in shower and we were given a room with a bathtub.  The breakfast buffet was pathetic and everything was either almost empty or empty.  Multiple people asked the front desk about replenishing the buffet but no one ever did.   This is the best one, the accessible parking was the farthest spot from the front door and it was winter and no one cleared the path from the spot to front door.  It was so bizarre because I have never seen the accessible parkingspot being after all the other spots.  So stay clear of this hotel, I know we will.

In New York City, I booked us a hotel that I knew would be very close to terminal and that had valet parking.  I had read enough reviews to know that I did not want to be looking for parking and hauling luggage with Shawn, 2 elderly ladies (my mom and my aunt) and my youngest son.  We had wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and commodes so walking far was a definite NO.   I found a hotel called INK 48 and it was very nice and suited our needs.  They have a nightly wine hour with free wine and appetizers which was very nice.  The staff was great and we would stay here again.  It was about a 15 minute walk to Time Square, so close enough we did not need to rely on me driving there.

As for the ship, the weather was only warm for the 2 days we were in the Bahamas.  Since the weather is cool everyone on the ship is inside and it was a nightmare.  It was crowded because nobody was outside on the pool deck or sports area etc.


Lastly, is my impression of the Manhattan terminal.  Since the hotel was so close we did not have to drive far to get there.  There was alot of traffic going into the terminal but it moved fairly quickly.  The parking at the terminal was awful and we ended up at the far end of the parking garage and as far as you can get from the elevator.  It was winter and the parking was outdoors so that was a ton of fun to drag all of our stuff through slush and snow.   There is one huge elevator that takes you from the parking garage to the terminal.  The problem with this is when we got back because now you have everyone leaving at once and so we waited outside in the freezing rain to take the elevator because the one we took on our arrival was for arrivals only.   I always wanted to try taking a cruise out of NYC and now I know never again.


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