NCL Getaway – Western Caribbean (Haven) – February 2018

Seeing as I have been to these port of calls multiple times and reviewed similar NCL ships, I am not going to spend too much time on repeated information.  Focus is on Haven, Belize and Cozumel (bar stops).

In case you are not familiar, Haven is NCL’s private suite guest area.  So essentially a ship within a ship.  This was our first time staying in the Haven and we plan to cruise this way many more times.

Depending on the ship, you may have only 1 or at most 2 accessible staterooms in the Haven.  Both of these rooms are Penthouse Balconies and hold up to 3 people.   Haven guests have priority embarkation and are escorted first on the ship and into a designated Haven guest only elevator.

We boarded before any other passengers and it was within an hour that our stateroom was ready so that was a HUGE bonus right off the bat.  While we  were waiting we sat in the Haven lounge and listened to a presentation by the Concierge and were offered sliders and onion rings.  It was very crowded the first day but never crowded the rest of the week.   The Haven pool and hot tub area was only ever busy on sea days and that still was nothing compared to the craziness on the regular pool deck.  There are2  floors with the upper floor being a sundeck.  There was plenty of seating up there but we never had a need to go up to the second floor.  If you do need to go then you will have to ask the concierge or butler to take you in the back service elevator.  We used that same elevator multiple times to get to the adults only VIBE beach club.  We had purchased VIBE passes on our last cruise but with being in the Haven we should not have purchased them because we rarely went.  The one thing I did not like about the VIBE on the Getaway was that passengers in wheelchairs need to use a stair lift to get there.  Every time we wanted to go or leave  we had to call for someone to operate the lift and stop all stair traffic between deck 16 and 17.  It was definitely tedious.   Luckily we were Haven guests so after a couple times of that nonsense we were escorted in back elevators by our butler.   We had a fantastic butler and not only does he make sure you have everything you need he also helped with the whole busy elevator system on port days.  We had private escorts on and off for any port.  One time we waiting a long time for an elevator upon return so we called our butler and he came right away.  He put an elevator on priority service and it came right away and took us directly to deck 16.  AMAZING!  All Haven guests are given phones so they can contact their butler at anytime.  We never took advantage of that service unless absolutely necessary.

Our Penthouse Balcony was insanely spacious.  There was so much room and we loved that we had an actual table so Shawn could properly eat breakfast.  We loved having room service for breakfast on cruises but this was even better.  Our butler came and set the table up with a white tablecloth and set up the dishes.  We like room service because we don’t like the crowds during breakfast.  However, after a couple mornings we gave the Haven Restaurant a try for breakfast and it was incredible.  The food is delicious and it was quiet with a large window overlooking the water.  Our stateroom bathroom was very spacious and came with a tub even.  The only disappointment was the size of the balcony.  It was the smallest balcony we have ever had and we paid twice as much to be in the Haven.  I am not sure why they would have built the ship that way.  There was no way a power wheelchair user could use the balcony unless they were the only one out there.

Haven restaurant and bar were never busy and the food and service was exceptional.  Had we not had friends travelling with us that were not in Haven, we probably would have stayed in our secluded area for the whole week and never leave.  It was never crowded, always quiet and just very relaxing.

Overall I would recommended staying in the Haven if the chance ever presents itself.

Harvest Caye, Belize

Harvest Caye is NCL’s new private island port.  It is private in that only NCL passengers can use the area but drink packages do not work on it.  Just something to keep in mind.  The entire place is completely accessible with multiple pool lifts and sand/beach wheelchairs available.  We rented our own private pool cabana so that we were guaranteed shade for Shawn.  There was several shady areas available but be prepared to be off the ship early to grab one of them.


As we have done in the past we booked private transportation and visited more of the rustic beach bars on the opposite side of the island.  It was great day and all the stops were accessible at the entry but washroom accessible was scarce.


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