Darien Lake – Buffalo, NY (July 2017)

When you think about amusement parks, I am sure accessibility is not something you associated with them.  Us either other than Disney World which is fabulous (see previous posts).  Darien Lake is about a 5 hour drive for us and we have children that really wanted to go.  I have been previously without Shawn andContinue reading “Darien Lake – Buffalo, NY (July 2017)”

Toronto, ON – Blue Jays Game

Every summer we say we are going to make it to a baseball game.  Every summer by the time I get around to getting tickets all the accessible seating is sold out.   My issue with the accessible seating is that they usually just allow one other person with a wheelchair user and that isContinue reading “Toronto, ON – Blue Jays Game”

NCL Escape – Eastern Caribbean (May 2017)

I was little reluctant to book another NCL cruise after the epic fail on the Epic a few months earlier (no pun intended lol). However, it was Shawn’s 50th birthday cruise with a bunch of friends and you can’t beat the drink package.  So off we went once again but this time sailing out ofContinue reading “NCL Escape – Eastern Caribbean (May 2017)”

NCL Epic – Eastern Caribbean (Feb 2017)

Since I am little behind adding trips to the blog, I am going to make them short and sweet.  Basically I want to focus on the key positives and negatives of the cruise. We flew out of Ottawa on Westjet and it was a pretty stress-free experience.  I don’t mind flying Westjet for short flightsContinue reading “NCL Epic – Eastern Caribbean (Feb 2017)”